Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pizhala model pokkali tourism farm !!

"Boat tour, farm stay, rowing, marine foods, fish hunting, greener paddy field, natural islands."

Pizhala Model Pokkali Tourism Farm is an eco-friendly (no harmful to environment) tourism Farm scattered in the west part Pizhala Island ( one of the ten islands of Kadamakudy Panchayath) .Periyar River (250 kms long) forms four branches here runs along the border of these Islands and finally joins in the Vyppin backwater. These islands are the most tourist attractive plcaes in KOCHI Tourism. .Kadamakudy Islands are known as Kuttanad of Kochi , Another Alleppy of Kochi and Vennice of Kerala.
These tourist fishing agricutural greener Islands are famous for their natural beauty ,river-backwater ,paddy crops,prawns,fish and crab cultivations. Truly these Islands are God's Own Islands. Pokkali Crop was awarded The Geografical Indication certificate by The Government of India in 2007. This Pokkali is the only G.I certified organic paddy crop of KOCHI In International Rice Rearch Institute (IRRI) , Manila and Philippines,Pokkali genes are used to produce new paddy grains in coastal rice field. for more details click here 

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