Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Future of farming in kerala !! (Kerala Agriculture)

Kerala, since its formation is earmarked as a food deficit stateproducing only 50% of its requirements of rice. Several rain packed monsoons though has blessed the state the rice culture in Kerala is seen dwindling year after year. The area now is less than 2.6lakhs hectors while the production is just six lakhs tones. Trade records reveal that
the state is producing only 15-20% of the rice required. When rice fields disappearour enchanting greenery is replaced by very ugly grey spots. The shining green
leaves and golden coloured earheads which dance to the tune of breeze is slowly disappearing from our rural life. A close examination of the situation reveals that the main reason for deserting the rice culture was the availability of quality rice in plenty in markets after the success of green revolution especially after 1977. It created a situation making
rice culture an unprofitable enterpris. The rise in the cost of production due to paucity of labour, huge wages, high cost of inputs, a rice culture slowly became a huge loss making job in the rural area,
which forced the farmers to gradually look out for more profit generating crops. This led to the expansion of cash crops like banana, rubber, spices and even
vegetables. Good price and generous assistance extended by the government motivated farmers give priority to cultivate cash crops ignoring rice, tapioca and even pulses. The attitude of the farmers slowly changed from producing rice to the promotion of the crops which give then better profit for a comparatively lesser quantum of job and attention. In this process another  crop which lost its glory
is coconut. The fall in the price of
coconut, import of cheap vegetable oils etc lead to a condition which made coconut farming also an unprofitable enterprise. Various new efforts like popularization of tender coconut, andproduction of value added products are expected to generate a new wave of enthusiasm for farm families for investing better care to the "tree of heaven". All problems especially emerging in the farmsector require quick solutions as thedelay will worsen the availability of farm produce which is a must to keep the hunger and poverty away.Farming and farm families require arefreshing new wave of modernization.It is required not only to preserve our
greenery without creating environmental hazards but also to attract the youth to the charming world of farming. Technology has made tremendous progress and the life style of the masses is changing fast. In this context unless farming is made more profit generating and a profession that make modern lifestyle, livelihood security, and above all social recognition the younger generation will not come towards this occupation. Another change is that the families will not allow this generation to take up the farming as an occupation since they themselves are not happy with their lifelong association with agriculture.The new steps introduced for providing pension for farmers, insurance cover for crops and domestic animals, modernization of farming, introduction of hitech farming, large scale mechanization, improving marketing structure, export promotion etc are steps in the right direction and need wider support from people belonging to all walk of life.
Paucity of funds for farm development schemes has become a story of the past. The allotment for
agriculture programs has been doubled in the stage budgets and central schemes are providing a challenge to the capacity of the state to collect and spend more money in the agriculture sector through commodity boards, horticulture mission and University. The real need of the hour is generating programs and implementing the same in a more farmer friendly manner recognizing the fact that the peasant is the real link between the soil and crop generation exercise. Stimulating his efforts and providing him modern livelihood security, social recognition and above all faith is sure to make Kerala a Holy land of green prosperity. for more regional language agriculture news, kerala agri sites available in this blog
              (courtesy: www.prd.kerala.gov.in) 
The writer is R. HELI,Rtd. Director of Agriculture


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